“Si non è vero, è ben trovato!”

hangende kooldraadlamp

On a certain day in a remote village there appeared a man who claimed to be Jehova. The man was a member of a sect.

A peasant, who had an electric light-bulb installed in his hut, approached this man and informed him about a nightmare he had last night.

Jehova points towards the light-bulb and explains:  “you have slept under this unchristian, bolshevist contraption. This caused an unclean spirit to appear before you”.

The next day the peasant removed the electric light-bulb, carried it into the garden and grabbed a stick in order to beat the unmasked devil.

Trembling with fear he raised his arm, but lost his grip making the stick fly through the air only to hit the wall next to Jehova’s head.

The latter raised his finger and proclaimed: “The demon is resisting!” which caused the peasant’s wife and children to flee into the hut in shock.

The peasant picked up the stick and raised his hand a second time, but missed again, as he was too agitated to control his hand.

Jehova cried: “still he is showing resistance, the devil!”

The peasant picked up the light-bulb and threw it down the well, but alas it floated on the water!

“The demon is still resisting!” Jehova cried once more.

One of the by-standers, a courageous man, shattered the light-bulb with a rock, and everyone gasped: “Finally, at last we destroyed the evil thing!”

source: Besboshnik  1931, 9/10, p. 22

About Olivier Corveleyn

I'm a 35 years old biochemist from Belgium with a particular interest in Russian culture, history and politics, and general slavic culture and history. This blog is intended to put the Russian Godless Movement and its main media outlet, the journal безбожник, bezbozhnik (godless) and several others in its wake which existed during the interbellum period, in an objective historical perspective. Currently I must use mostly secondary sources as the journals are difficult to locate. The blog is a work-in-progress which I mostly put together during the little free time I have. I'll try to make it not too chaotic and keep it more or less structured. Also, English is not my first language, so forgive me any grammar and spelling mistakes in advance.
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